Restoration of Farley Green Pond, Albury

Grant - £3,300

FARLEY Green Pond is the last of seven balancing ponds that take water from local roads and helps to avoid flooding of nearby homes. Its problem is that, as water flows into the pond, so too does sand and soil which cause it to silt up. The proposal is to clear the pond of all silt, enlarge it and built a silt trap beside it which will avoid the problem.

The pond will also be enhanced to create a teardrop shape. A new liner would be installed with suitable protection beneath; it would be topped with previously dug material and sand, and replanted with “recycled” reeds and rushes to enhance its considerable wildlife value. The silt trap will then be dug out on a regular basis to ensure its effectiveness. The pond is an attractive amenity and a valuable dipping resource for school nature trips.

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